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Learn how to avoid costly mistakes and find the 语言 services you need.


These mini guides help you navigate the process of hiring and working with a 语言 professional. Available in multiple 语言s, these guides can be downloaded for free.


Translation: Buying a Non-commodity

Avoid wasting time and money by knowing how to decide who will do what, when, and how. Download this free guide.



This guide to translation and interpreting in the global market provides up-to-date information and resources about the 语言 services industry.


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The ATA Chronicle

Providing in-depth articles covering vital aspects of the industry, The ATA Chronicle is the premier publication for 语言 professionals. Paid subscriptions are available to non-members.


ATA 新闻briefs

ATA members keep current with this twice-monthly e-newsletter, providing media coverage relating to their profession from around the world.


TransIation and Interpreting Services Survey

This industry-wide survey provides a comprehensive picture of the market, including income and pay rate data by type of service, 语言, 专业, 和更多的. An Executive Summary of this survey is available online at no cost.

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Additional 出版物

ATA offers a variety of publications for translators and interpreters. ATA members receive discounts of up to 30%.

Due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic and related government directives, ATA has temporarily stopped processing publication orders. Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this time.

How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator

The road to a successful translation business is often much harder than it has to be. This indispensable guide to setting up shop, offers lessons learned and shows you how to avoid the most common mistakes — from finding clients to collecting payment.

The ATA Patent Translator's Handbook

A comprehensive guide for both new and experienced patent translators. Includes use of translation memory software, overview of the international patent system, management of patent litigation projects, and industry-specific resources.

Programs in Translation Studies: An ATA Handbook

A practical handbook for educators in translation studies.

A Professional Journey

A history of the American Translators Association from 1959 to 2009.

Proceedings of the ATA 年度会议

Select presentations from past conferences are available for purchase in CD format.

ATA Scholarly Monograph Series

This peer-reviewed series addresses research and professional issues in the translation and interpreting community worldwide. These collections of scholarly articles range from issues of training and business environments to case studies or aspects of specialization relevant to translators and interpreters, 培训师, 和研究人员.

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